Love Songs Of A Third Grade Teacher

This is the true story of Sabrina Stevenson, a schoolteacher and the lead singer of her own rock 'n' roll band "Third Grade Teacher". Watch this extraordinary story of an everyday girl trying to make things work for her. Between classroom and stage she finds out what's really important to her.

Teaching third graders by day, singing her heart out in clubs at night, this schoolteacher isn't making any compromises, or is she? With her friends one by one getting married and having babies, Sabrina worries that rock 'n' roll isn't all there is to life. Follow Sabrina through Los Angeles on her search for love. Can she navigate the perilous world of serial dating and find someone who can match her first love, rock 'n' roll?

The film, written and financed by Sabrina Stevenson, fully utilized the DIY punk rock ethic to get made. Produced together with director and cinematographer Michaela von Schweinitz, the movie stars Sabrina Stevenson, who gives a tender, realistic view of life as a punk rock singer in Los Angeles searching for love as she finds her way into her 40s. The soundtrack for the film contains many of the favorite songs of Third Grade Teacher.