Notes by Sabrina Stevenson

Pre production

I wanted the experience of making my own movie. I wanted to be like the great John Cassavettes. First, I set out to write a script, which really was a bunch of notes about my friends, my experiences dating, and trying to find a husband. It didn’t really work out, so I hired a friend who had written scripts before to help me, and eventually we had a real script. Next I bought a camera I really didn’t know how to use. I cast people in the movie, including my boyfriend and my best friend, who later said they didn’t want to be in it. Then my co-writer and director dropped out, but she suggested our mutual friend Michaela von Schweinitz, and the project got rolling. Michaela agreed to direct, shoot, and coproduce the film. Within five months we had a schedule, almost all new actors we cast ourselves, a budget, equipment, a crew and locations, almost all at low or no cost. Plus my band would provide most of the music for the film for free.

Principal Photography

Our shooting schedule took approximately one month and consisted of work at various locations such as my apartment, other’s apartments, two clubs, a restaurant and some public places. We divvied those locations up and shot a certain number of days here or there. We were asked to leave a few locations, and overstayed our welcome at a few others. My now husband claims he almost died when he stayed out of our apartment until midnight, became fed up, and finally stumbled into the apartment. He was met with the sight of a shirtless man and I in his bed making out under movie lights. He ignored this and in fit of sleepiness leaned against a window that we never opened. It was open. He was inches away from tumbling 17 flights to his end. I guess I owe him one on that one. Or I owe him lots, in perpetuity. Every day was a wonderful adventure and every day I felt like I would have a nervous breakdown due to worries and concerns. But somehow we got through it. For the most part, everyone got fed, and most of us had a good time.

Post Production

Then post-production began. Michaela tried to do all the editing herself. She found she was too close to the project to see it and so her daughter took over and finished for her. All the other details of post-production she took care of.