Dialogue Editor

Bill Braun

Bill Braun

Prior to dedicating my career to post production sound editing, I spent the majority of my professional career in the consumer audio world.  My past experiences ranged from running a home theater design firm, to working for Harman Consumer Group (JBL, Infinity and Harman Kardon) and managing multiple car audio shops.

I prided myself in being a resource to car audio competitors, having been a judge for more than 5 years in sound quality.

After nearly two decades in the consumer audio world, I decided to change my focus to the post production industry.  After an extensive search, I decided the wisest path to success was a formal education.

In both my past and present careers I have learned the value of combining professionalism with creativity.  It is an absolute necessity to keep every project as fresh as it is fun, and  I have enjoyed mixing as well as editing dialog, foley, ADR, music and backgrounds. 

It has resulted in working on nearly a dozen movies, fifty-plus webisodes and more television shows than I can count for BET, VH1, Discovery and several others.


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