Sabrina Stevenson

Sabrina Stevenson co-founded Third Grade Teacher with guitar player David Guerrero. She told him, “I’ll give it one year and if we don’t become famous I am going to leave and become an actress.” He found this humorous. They made five albums: Third Grade Teacher’s Greatest Hits, The Underclass, Third Grade Teacher 3, Third Grade Teacher, and Third Grade Teacher Reveals the Secrets of the Universe. The project has been a labor of love and adoration, the kind a special child receives. They have played hundreds of shows, and are fond of their auspicious beginnings in Silver Lake and especially at Al’s Bar in downtown LA. They have also played shows in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Sacramento and Orange County. Their brushes with the big time were having a song in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, opening for Weezer twice, opening for the Damned, and for Joan Jett. Their music has also appeared in the soundtracks of many independent films, including this one.

Third Grade Teacher (the band) has been the love of Sabrina Stevenson’s life, besides her husband Stephen Dansiger and her new baby, Sadie Dansiger. She wanted to share the delights and pathos of her life through her movie. She previously wrote and acted in a one-woman show entitled The Flower Murderer, in which she collaborated with co-screenwriter Karen Ashenbach. She is so grateful for the creative community she found at Judith Weston’s Two Lights Studio. It is there that she met Love Songs of a Third Grade Teacher director and co-producer Michaela von Schweintz. Sabrina’s recent projects include three screenplays and a novel. She can’t wait to start rocking out with the band again once her brand new baby daughter is old enough.

This film is a fictionalized documentation of her trials and tribulations as she desperately tried to find Mr. Right while pushing middle age. She tried to capture those moments that were tragic, poignant, and later maybe comical. She and Michaela made the film DIY on a shoestring budget. They cast it, catered it and shot it on donated sets in about a month. Michaela’s daughter edited the film. For Sabrina making this film was the experience of a lifetime that she hopes you will enjoy.

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