Binky van Bilderbeek

Binky van Bilderbeek was born in Middlesex, England and went to Mercesten Castle Boys School in Edinburgh, Scotland. There he enjoyed a variety of sports, most predominantly rugby. This talented young actor caught the eyes of his drama teachers, and Binky went on to entertain his fellow students, his passion for acting eventually leading him to the Two Lights Theatre Company in California. His parents are Suzan and Ben. Binky is the eldest of five children, all of them creative and stunning, Anastasio, Laura, Constaniyn-Hugo, and Brigitta. Laura and Brigitta are also pursuing acting careers, and should be in the public eye soon. Binky's hobbies include heli-skiing, rugby, English Football, and, of course, acting. Binky is currently living in Santa Monica, California.

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